This Road We Call Life Essay

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This Road We Call Life
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This Road We call Life
Boy Meets World had so many great things going for it. It taught children life lessons without them having to learn the hard way and there being a possibility of ruining their lives forever. The show talked about real issues going on in the world, unlike many other television shows geared toward the same audience. The show even became emotional at times. Some people in the show were better off than others, but that did not matter to the characters. They all treated each other the same. This is an idea that should be instilled in all children across America. At the same time, the show could be funny and exciting. The success of the show,
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These are situations that most people have experienced in one way or another. Another real-life issue portrayed in the show is growing up, finishing high school and having to leave home for the first time, a scary idea to most people. The show includes conflicts between brother and brother, friend and friend, father and son, boy and girl, mother and son, and teacher and students.
Some of the conflicts we see in Boy Meets World revolve around the emotional development of the characters. As children grow into adults they become better at dealing with their emotions, though some are better at it than others. Much of how children develop depends on how their parents raise them and the challenges they have to face while growing up. John Santrock (2010) says “During middle and late childhood, many children show marked improvement in understanding and managing their emotions. However, in some instances, as when they experience stressful circumstances, their coping abilities can be challenged” (p. 558). When a child’s coping abilities are challenged, they may have a harder time dealing with stressful situations.
This inability to cope is exemplified by one of the main characters in Boy Meets World. Shawn starts out as an impoverished child growing up in a trailer park, trying to learn to live with parents who have differences of opinions on everything and a mother who cannot seem to be able to decide if she wants to be in his life. His family, though

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