This Is Water By David Foster Wallace Essay

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“This is Water” by David Foster Wallace is a short writing that challenges the reader to think in a different way in order to bring one back to the real world that surrounds them. He explains that the way we all currently think leads to a self-absorbed mind that ultimately leads to a stressed and unhappy life. “The “Banking” concept of Education” by Paulo Freire is another short writing that informs the reader of the problem with our current education system. He calls the current system of our education the banking system and he proposes a new system called problem-posing. When comparing and contrasting these two writings their tones are very different, one is formal and straight to the point while the other is enlightening and relatable. Both writings are made to challenge the reader but they do it in different ways and both readings talk about being connected to reality.
“This is Water” has a very different tone from Freire’s writing about the banking system. Wallace’s article is enlightening because it causes the reader to think and it is slightly comical because of how relatable it is to the reader. The writing includes real life examples, one where it is a normal busy day and he has to go to the grocery store and has to deal with all of the people around him. He talks about the fluorescent lights, and the ADHD kid who always blocks the aisle and how everyone is slow and how we automatically get irritated because everyone is on our way. Using these examples gives the…

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