Essay about This Class Was Still Alice By Lisa Genova

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The book that I chose to read for this class was Still Alice by Lisa Genova. The reason that I chose to read this book out of all three of our choices was because a movie is actually currently in production called Still Alice which is based directly off this book. I was actually quite surprised to learn that this was Genova’s first book because it is so well written.
Book Review:
To start off, this book is about an older woman named Alice Howland who is professor at the prestigious Harvard University. All starts going south for Alice once she goes on that jog and ends up losing her way. This is just one of her first signs of early Alzheimer’s because around the same time, she ends up losing her blackberry as well. These difficulties in memory all start progressing and getting worse and Alice having experience in the field of psychology, knows that something is not right. Alice thought that her memory problems were because of menopause, she even goes as far as looking it up. Alice says, “I’m having a lot of memory problems lately that I’ve been attributing to symptoms of menopause” (p.43). As time passes, Alice begins forgetting more and more. She spends a good amount of time preparing for a class, only to forget moments before. The straw that eventually broke the camel’s back was when she came home thinking everything was normal, when she is reminded of her important business trip that she completely forgot. All of this eventually drove her to make an appointment with a…

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