Theu.s. Johnson, And Mother Tongue By Amy Tan Essay

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“The land flourished because it was fed from so many sources–because it was nourished by so many cultures and traditions and peoples.” Lyndon B. Johnson. America is known as the melting pot because people from all around the world with different cultures and traditions come in search of a better life, and better opportunities. The hardships and prosperities of immigration are told in stories like: Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford, Vietnamese Native Thankful for Chance Offered in America by Ronnie Thomas, and Mother Tongue by Amy Tan. Immigration has changed America by mixing and changing cultures and ideas while changing those who emigrate by giving them new opportunities to better their life otherwise unaccessible.
In Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford the settlers arrive ready to inhabit the New World, where they meet the Native Americans: an alien population that the Europeans would soon have to learn how to live with. Coming to the New World the settlers first meet with the Natives they are timid and observe one another from afar, picking up on one another’s actions and technology. While exploring the settlers observe the Native Americans studying their culture and even “took with them part of the corn” (Bradford 11). Around the same time, the Native Americans were observing the settlers, taking tools and weapons (Bradford 16). By purely observing one another the Natives and the settlers are able to learn about one another, the settlers learning what…

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