Of Plymouth Plantation Summary

The purpose of agreements: Relationships that shaped America The United States of America were built on principles and the people who enforced those principles. People may think that those principles first come out in The Declaration of Independence, but it is evident that these principles first show up when people first touch this historic land. One of the first people to influence the growth of North America was William Bradford. Bradford (who was a separatist from the Church of England) needed a new location to spread his views and beliefs on religion, as he had been outed from England. This lead him and his group of Separatists to plan on starting a Colony in North America. Bradford and his group would then follow through with this plan landing on Plymouth rock in November of 1620. Here, Bradford would write “Of Plymouth Plantation”. Bradford ties in with the Colonists of the American Revolution, as they are both Separatists, fighting for their well being. The American Colonists were also Separatists as they were fighting for freedom against the British. The Colonists’ lives were challenged by the British …show more content…
As the relationship between the Colonists and the British continued to deteriorate, the violence spiraled upward. From this violent relationship stemmed a series of revolts that caused reforms to the way America was run:”That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed” (D.O.I). The rights of the Colonists are shown here through the Declaration of Independence. In this part of the Declaration, it is saying that the government has to be fair to those they are governing, which means that what the British have done is against the law in this new country. The way the British controlled the American colony is an example of how not to have a safe peaceful

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