Thesis Draft Essay

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The Influences of Online Gaming to the Academic Performance of the Grade 10 Business High School Students of Pasig Catholic College School Year 2015-2016
Mesfin Bram. Diosina
Jarazea Ron Bugnot
Alyza Clariss Anne Lazaro
Erica Mae Balogbog
Enzo Rafael Raymundo
Milleamor Joy Gulde


Many students this time likes to play online games such as Defense of the Ancients, League of Legends, and other online games that sometimes students forget their academic responsibilities and they end up either having low grades or failing tests and their subjects. Most of them goes to internet shops/cafes
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a. Defense of the Ancients b. League of Legends c. Counter Strike d. Garena Online e. Smite f. Others 4. How frequent do they play online games? 5. How much time do they spend in playing online games? 6. How much money do the spend on the internet cafes?

Significance of the Study:
This study will provide information for students about the bad side effects of online gaming to their academic performance and as well to their grades. This will also serve as an awareness to them.


Research Paradigm:
The table above states that students without too much study habits that plays online games tend to fail their subjects or have their grades lowered.

Hypothesis of the Study:
Our hypothesis for this study is that Online Games has bad side effects to the students’ study habits in home and in school.

Scopes and Delimitations of the Study:
Our main goals are to answer the questions we have prepared by using surveys or by other means, the study only covers the Grade 10 Business High School students of Pasig Catholic Students. This study is delimited to the students’ profiles which is just age, name, and section, their daily allowance, their studying and gaming hours, and the money they spend on games.


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