Thermodynamics Effect On Stars Life

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Stars are an appealing component of our universe. Because of our scientific advances, we know more about stars than ever before. They are born, they live, and then they die. How does this process work, though? The answer lies within thermodynamics. Thermodynamics has helped us understand how stars transfer energy and heat. Thermodynamics is a subject of physics that is concerned with heat and temperature. It is used to describe bodies of matter and their internal energy. Thermodynamics helps us understand a star’s qualities and functionality.
Let’s start from the beginning, with the stages of a star’s life cycle. Their stages follow a pattern similar to some of the life cycles we see here on Earth. A star begins its life as a cloud of dust
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If you were inside a star you would not be able to tell which way is up, because you would only be able to see a brief distance through the gases, and circumstances would be mostly the same all through the region you would see. Under these conditions, light will flow upwards only if more light would happen to come in from lower layers than from upper ones. Since there is no way of telling which way is up (and even if there were the pieces of atoms which make up the plasma inside a star wouldn't care which way is up), it is required that each layer be brighter than the layer above it. In fact, if we describe a layer as the range that you can see through the gas looking up or down, then at the bottom, the gas must be brighter than the top by about the surface brightness of the star. In the interior parts of a star (the radiative core), heat flows out, by process of diffusion. Diffusion, in this case, refers to the photons of light that can only go through the gas for a considerable distance before they are scattered, bounced off of, or consumed by the gas

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