Hypernovas Research Paper

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Hypernovas are the deaths of massive stars and the formation of a black hole. They are larger than supernovas and are believed to be the origin of long gamma ray bursts. This violent explosion happens in a matter of seconds, but produces more energy in those seconds than the sun produces in its entire 9 billion year lifespan. Not a lot was known about hypernovas until 2003 when a massive gamma ray burst reached earth. This was identified as a hypernova and photographed. In 1999 remnants of a hypernova were found in pinwheel galaxy M101. These remains and the events in 2003 helped scientists to begin to understand what a hypernova is and what it does. During a supernova a large star tears off outer layers leaving a new, colder and smaller

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    collapse from a supernova explosion from the death of a star that results in the formation of a neutron star is not powerful to create or explain LGRBs. Instead, a LGRB can only be explained as arising when an ultra-energetic supernova becomes a hypernova and creates a black hole that consumes matter so immediately that it releases a substantial amount of energy of the matter which is not consumed (Bennett et al., 2014). The fundamental physics of this collapse of a star and was first proposed and…

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