Essay on Theory X And Theory Y By Douglas Mcgregor

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Theory X and Theory Y by Douglas McGregor, summarizes a difference between management styles in that Theory X is an authoritarian style which assumes employees are naturally unmotivated, and Theory Y is a participative style and assumes that employees are self-motivated and enjoy working with greater responsibility (Mindtools, n.d.). In my workplace, I am more partial to Theory Y. I think that unless personally observed, managers should not just assume that otherwise mature, responsible adults trying to make a living, are more inclined to avoid work and must be directed in all activities. Even if people are just there to make a living and don’t really care about what they are doing, I would imagine that they’d still want to put forth effort to make sure that the work is done right. If for nothing else, at least to avoid exposing themselves to micromanagement, which in my opinion, is the most annoying, demotivating thing to deal with at work. I think my assumptions about others significantly influence the way I interact with people at work. I believe what people show me about themselves. For example, if everyone is always busy and there is one person who also says they are busy too, so they don’t have to offer help, but you notice that they find time to get on social media and online shopping, then I’d view that person as a slacker and figure that the Theory X approach might be necessary for them to produce at the level of the rest of the team.

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