Theory, Practice And My Personal Creative Development

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This essay unravels my journey through the weeks during workshops. I’ll be writing about the relationships between theory, practice and my own personal creative development. As well as reflecting on my own critical analysis of me and theory.
Section one - Documenting individual practice
Firstly the one of the most influential workshops which inspired me in my practices was week one: Self and other. Through the preparation task I developed a text, in the style of a letter which spoke on an event that never happened. Maddy and I both took our texts and found common ground between them. They both began with excitement and lead to disappointment and frustration. Developing on from this we began to play with naturalism, creating
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This challenged me as a performer to not fully concentrate on my personal journey but create piece which entwines both. As well it highlighted to me how important the audience is, thus causing me to create a more tailored piece to our specific audience of young adults. Through using more physical theatre we created abstract work resulting in a more intimate piece reflecting the relationship between the characters as well as the tension between them. This made it less about our own lives and more to do with friendships and how two characters stories can mould into one. Furthermore what I took from this quote was a self-deprecating view on personal performances as they can be seen as self-indulgent and only one person would be able to connect with the piece. Personally I don’t agree with this quote in this context as theatre can be seen to portrayed experiences to others, whom may have never experience it themselves, Therefore using theatre to educate. This impacted my practice as it renewed my creative thinking into a state of mind which was to always attach a meaning to every movement you create. For …show more content…
‘’however, the dominant archive of the one is memory while that of the other is documents’’ (Quayson (Swindells, 1995, p. 86) this quote sums up how combining both memory’s and physical texts can inspire work to have a deeper more sentimental meaning. Beginning this process was rather challenging for me as when we all chose random items and created a collage. From this I struggled to gather meaning or inspiration to create a piece of work which justified its purpose. Following this we were given part of the henry the fifth text and told to combine both stimuli’s with music, this lead me to feel over stimulated and caused a lot of confusion. Linking back to the quote I decided to look not just at the documents but also how I attached memory’s with the items we had collected. Through this I found a common ground in the text, image and music which was regret. The song ‘Non,Je Ne Regrette Rien’ by Edith Piaf based upon regret linked well with Henry V as he wallows in self-pity. Through this I learnt the ability of layering and combining mixed resources to create a piece of work; instead of purely creating from the text then matching music. The items then came into play when used in the scene which reflected our personal journeys with regret of things such as eating when my character used sugar to draw a heart in. Music lead our work

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