Comparing Erickson And Jean Piaget's Eight Stages Of Development

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Learning theories are the foundation to understanding the human development from birth to adulthood. Many theorist have provided teachers and parents, information on understanding children 's social learning , cognitive learning, and their behavioral learning. For early childhood teachers, it is important for them to know how children develop and learn. Teachers need to know how children develop that way they can understand the children 's learning style, how to plan there curriculum, and there classroom setting. Each child is different and their needs may vary, so as a teacher, having resources such as these different theories, are to help create the environment that each child needs to be successful. Since there are a variety of learning theorist, the two that will be mentioned are Erik Erikson and Jean Piaget. Both theorist have been influential for early childhood education, and have provided concrete learning styles that children develop.
Erik Erikson was a psychosocial theorist, which he proposes eight stages of development. He believed that human development is through a series of stages, that each stage is critical and each stages is successfully met with positive growth. Positive growth allows the individual to
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There are 4 stages to his theory of mental development, but the second stage is most connected to early childhood teachers. The article, Jean Piaget Biography, says: pre-occupation stage is ages 3-7 years old, and that a child develops intelligence through symbolic , fantasy play, and natural intuition. His theory relies both on maturational and environmental factors. The example the Gordon and Browne , 2010, gives is that learning is heredity which is how the body is structured biologically, and environmental learning because the expectations children have will directly influence how they

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