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Behavioral theory is a bit different. This theory is the study of stimulus-response relationships. Behavior is a response to a stimulus. According to John B. Watson, thinking and intentions were internal processes that could not be detected and therefore should not be studied. Only noticeable behaviors are of interest to scientific study. According to the behaviorists, learning can be defined as “the relatively permanent change in behavior brought about as a result of experience or practice.” Behaviorists know that learning is an internal event. However, it is not recognized as learning until it is displayed by unconcealed behavior. The focus of the behavioral approach is on how the environment impacts obvious behavior.

Behavior refers to the actions or reactions of a person, usually in relation to the environment. Behavior can be conscious or unconscious, overt or hidden, and voluntary or involuntary. The difficulty of the behavior of an organism is related to the complexity of its nervous system. Generally, organisms with complex nervous systems have a greater capacity to learn new responses and thus adjust their behavior. Human behavior and that of other organisms and mechanisms, can be common, unusual, acceptable, or unacceptable. Humans evaluate the acceptability of behavior using social norms and regulate behavior by means of social control. (Behaviorism | Simply Psychology. (n.d).

Disadvantage of behavioral theory is behaviorists believe all behavior is
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