Theology Proper Essay

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Theology Proper

What is God like? What does God do?

One's view of God affects all of one's life.

Big policeman who corrects people who stray from truth/sin. "Acts of God" hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes… Grandfatherly, indulgent, kindly old gentleman. Others?

Trinity – debated at one time, have to believe to be a Xian? UPC
Transcendence, God is above all. Immanence, God is close.
Can God work through nature? (evolution)

Is God fixed and unchanging? Or does he grow and develop like the rest of the universe?

"The study of God's nature should be a means to a more accurate understanding and a closer personal relationship with him."

Not belief in the "great whatever."


1. The characteristics
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6. Wisdom – God acts in light of all the facts and correctly every time he acts. God knows what is good and does it. Roman 11.33
7. Omnipotence – "God is able to do all things which are proper objects of his power. "I am God Almighty." Gen 17.1; Matthew 19.26.
8. Millard Erickson, Therefore, "God's will is never frustrated. What he chooses to do, he accomplishes, for he has the ability to do it . . . God is wise, so he knows what to do; he is good, and thus he chooses to do the right; he is powerful, and therefore he is capable of doing what he wills to do."
a. Cannot arbitrarily do anything whatsoever that we may conceive of. Only do things which are proper objects of his power, not logically absurd or contradictory: square circles or four cornered triangles, not undo the past, not untrue to his nature (cruel or unconcerned).
b. These inabilities are not weaknesses but strengths, inability to do evil or lie is positive.
c. God is free to make promises, but then he will keep them once he made them freely.

V. Constancy (Immutable) – God is unchanging.

1. "I the Lord do not change" Malachi 3.6
2. No quantitative change, no increase because God is perfection. No decrease for he would cease to be God.
3. No qualitative change. "God does not change his mind, plans or actions, for these rest upon his nature which remains unchanged no matter what occurs." "God's intentions as well as his plans are always consistent,

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