Theology And Ministry Essay

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In Orthodoxy theology and ministry are inseparable. Theology is not simply a formulaic doctrine or belief that is written down only for comprehension, but rather it is the genuine revelation from God Himself that is expressed in the ministry. Without the proper understanding of the truth in regards to the disease in this world, how could one prescribe any medication or seek any form of healing? In the same manner how could one hold onto a precious treasurer and not apply it to heal those who are suffering? As Father Joseph states, “creative tension must be maintained if pastoral theology will be done correctly….the words of this tension are praxis and theory and not praxis and theology” (98). For simply reducing theology to a theory or a belief would be contrary to the Orthodox understanding. In the same manner one can’t reduce theology to only experience since understanding and studying the faith is essential. So then the question becomes how can one establish this balance in a practical sense? Fr. Joseph Allen seeks to explain this through analyzing the Orthodox model, which strives to transform human situations into a theological task (101). The Orthodox model speaks of four categories or “steps”. The first degree is the foundation of the faith, the second degree is the praxis or the pastoral theology, this pastoral theology passes through a therapeutic screen, and finally the growth screen. The first degree is the essential foundation which leads to the effectiveness of…

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