Theological Definition Of Miracles

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I. Introduction
We are blessed to live in a world where the power of God can be seen all around us, and miracles can be witnessed on a daily basis. There are people who believe miracles are just a coincidence or someone got “lucky.” However, many Christians will not hesitate to say, “that was a God send.” Regardless of who thinks what, God’s power cannot be denied or questioned when it comes to miracles and miracles cannot be questioned when it comes to God’s power. The two go together hand in hand and everyone is blessed to witness them.
II. The Power of God
a. Theological Definition
To get the theological definition of the Power of God we must first break it down to first power. Power can have a couple different meanings like to rule over someone. This would be an example of a boss or elder who has power over a worker or child. Another meaning of power is strength. A man has the power or strength to lift a car. When we add the definition of power to a person it takes a new meaning. There is
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a. Theological Definition
The theological definition of miracles changes depending on whom is giving the explanation, however, the idea of miracles is that they are events or actions that are beyond the explanation of humans. It boils down to an explanation of deity, as a miracle does not happen out of nature or human causes. God is often associated with miracles as throughout history many miracles occur but within God’s revelation.
b. Biblical Foundation
The miracles within the bible are great signs of the power of God. Miracles are what others saw of a man, our Lord, doing for his people. He calmed a storm on the Sea of Galilee in Matthew 8:26. He healed bodies that could otherwise not be healed like the blind man in John 9 and the lame to walk in Acts 3. In John 2 The Lord turned water into wine and fed thousands in John 6. Miracles were seen before so many throughout The Bible and for the people that read it, they too discover the Miracles God’s power

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