Props Of Faith, From Floating In My Mother's Grace

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In the chapter “Props of Faith”, from Floating in My Mother’s Palm, Ursula Hegi states that, “Miracles happened that way. Even without saints. As long as you believed in them”(52). Having a strong believes is also the same as having a positive attitude. When believing in miracles, it creates a positive feeling where ones could continue to have a productive life and always think the best is going to happen. From the “Props of Faith”, Hanna tells a story about how she and her best friend Renate made up through their believes of miracles and faith. Hanna believed that Renate real parents were gypsies, since everyone believed that her current mother, a midwife, adopted Renate on a trip out-of-town. Renate is diagnosed with polio, which causes her left leg to be shorter and thinner than her right. Hanna did not notice this flaw in Renate until a classmate; Sybille Immers …show more content…
An example of this would be the story of Hanna’s Oma. Hegi states, “Miracles happened that way. Even without saints. As long as you believed in them”(52). Because of Oma strong believes in faith, she was always thinking positively and believing that there is hope. Having a positive attitude can help a person both physically and mentally healthy. Without a positive mindset, ones could fall into depression and distress, which can become a great damage to your health. Another example would be the healing of Renate’s leg. Hanna believes in miracles from her Oma stories, so she believes that miracles will also happen to Renate. Hegi writes, “Already I felt a difference in her leg: the skin seemed warmer and didn’t look as pale anymore. With each day her leg would stretch itself, grow fuller, stronger.... Cautiously she probed her ankle with her fingertips, then her calf. “I think so.””(56). Seeing how Hanna believes in the healing, Renate also believe in hope of a miracle, which had leaded her

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