The Road Not Taken Persona

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Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” shows his capability of writing his poems about life, as if he was familiar with the origins of the earth. In fact, Robert has lived in various farms throughout his life: Frost has experience in nature’s environment. While living on the Derry farm he was able to write great poems, but at the age of thirty-eight he sold his farm to move to England with his family, and there he arrived with three completed books: two were published in England (Voices and Visions). "The Road Not Taken," is a popular poem that invites readers because people always make decision and the result of that is either positive or negative. The persona in the poem quickly dives into what path they are going to take.
Two roads
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Another is that he is sorry that he can’t take both paths at once. He also points out that he is by himself; therefore, he can only take one path that leads to different directions. He stares at the path to see where it would lead him to, but he only sees little plants in the mist of the woods, which blocks his view. The persona has no idea of what lies ahead although he’s trying to see as far as he can. Furthermore, the persona continues describing his journey:
Then took the other, as just as far,
And having perhaps the better
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Frost has explained, “The Road Not Taken” marvelously, because readers have connected to the persona instantly when it comes to making decisions. For instance, Edward Thomas, who was a poet, had an immediate connection with this poem and was inspired with Frosts work as a poet and wished he would’ve done things differently within his poetry (Voices and Visions). Readers love his poetry for the way he constructs reality within the mix of nature. Frost calls it; the sound of sense, a sentence is a sound in itself in which other sounds called words may be strung. He also says, “I alone of English writers have consciously set myself to make music out of what I may call the sound of sense (Voices and Visions).” It makes us realize that Robert frost spent a lot of time reaching out to his senses and creating beautiful poetry along with what he felt or

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