Slavery In The Beloved, By Toni Morrison

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Let us start talking about Sethe, this iron nigger woman and former slave, She was living in 124 with her daughter Denver. They had a company, a ghost. Paul.D came, he was one of Sweet Home men, where she lived there before with her husband Halle, she describes herself as:

So as we read above, she had bad memories from the slave age, Torture traces in her back from 18 years ago, when schoolteacher's nephews whipped her. After they treated her like an animal. Although she was pregnant, she had to run out, passed very arduous journey, but she owns a great motherhood power to have her freedom and arrive in her children to live together far from slavery. and now all that she has is her daughter Denver, and she lives satisfied with the angry ghost of her infant baby who died in the house, But not satisfied with every other memory about the baby death, she didn´t like to retell the stories about the past except Denver delivery story. Sethe had lots of changes during all of her 36 years life, but the most important change was when she discovers that the Beloved; the girl who lives with them as a guest; was her dead daughter, wherefore she can tell everything about the past, and her reasons to kill her baby to save her in a safe place. She was thinking
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This old woman how owned her freedom, but lost her eight children, although she tried to forget and start a new life with her grandsons, the slayings in her house changed all of her life. So, she was hopeless, both of the life and the death were equal to her. I choose the first quote to describe how broken women it was, this quote summarizes her

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