Slavery During The Abolition Movement Essay

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Slaves Impact During The Abolition Movement

During the movement slave holders were preached to by Baptist and Methodist preachers. Black Harry was a Methodist preacher who was once considered the best orator in America. Black Harry was once a carriage driver and servant. He was known for his ability to memorize long passages in the bible this is why he was considered the best orator in America, he was intended to preach to slaves however, further down the road when he would speak at sermons whites became influenced by Black Harry and his skill to cite the bible so well. His intentions were almost identical to Sam Sharpe 's, which was to have slaves free and they both preached. Sam Sharpe and Black Harry believed that through religion slaves
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Not only to stop slave trades, it was also to set them free. In 1772, the Somerset case had begun it was Somerset Vs Stewart. Stewart was once upon a time Somerset 's slave owner. This was a case over chattel slavery, what is chattel slavery? Chattel slavery is the slavery in the British Isles. The Somerset case was one of the most significant points in the Abolition Movement. Because of James Somerset who escaped the plantation and was caught and imprisoned in a ship that would be headed to the British Colony of Jamaica. Charles Stewart wanted Somerset to be sold to a plantation. However, Somerset 's three god parents had set out to fill out an application which was called the habeas corpus, this is when illegal confinement takes place. But do to Parliament not having a law to let slavery James Somerset was set free, slaves were granted basic rights. The Somerset case was a huge impact for many reasons in England. The next gentlemen is Frederick Douglass known for many reasons, Frederick Douglass was a hero to the people in the nineteenth century he passed away in 1895. Frederick Douglass supported the early women 's rights movement, attacked the Jim Crow Laws, he more importantly gave the African …show more content…
During this time he was a recruiter who recruited African American 's. Mr. Douglass will always be remembered as a true hero to his people for many reasons, this man fought against oppression like no other. The Abolitionist Movement seeked to stop segregation and end discrimination upon races. The release of slaves was attempted more than ever from the 1830 's until the 1870 's. Many of the problems that had occurred during this time period led to the Civil War. The Final outcome of the Abolition Movement resulted in the bill being passed by parliament in 1807 which banned the British to stopped being involved in slave trade. The British colonies could no longer have slaves on ships.However, it did not free the slaves the U.S didn 't fall under British law. The opposition came from the north and south because many of the wealthy relied heavily on slavery. In 1863, slavery was put to a stop and the signing of the Emancipation proclamation had taken place. Even though they were free in the state of Texas slaves didn 't know until two years later. There are many more outstanding people who had a role in the abolition Movement this was

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