Fredrick Douglas's Life Was Hard For An African American Slave

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Society in the 1845 was difficult for an African American slave. Your life was not yours, it was not even a family member. One’s life was owned by a stranger of a different race, one didn’t even have a name, and the only purpose you served to society was labor. Growing up without a mother or a father was normal, a slave was lucky to even know who birth him or her. Rape was socially accepted so some slaves was mixed like the great Fredrick Douglas. Mr. Douglas was born in Maryland he was separated from his mother as just an infant It was a rumor that his master was his father, but as the life of a slave one was not allowed to question anything not even their age. The narrative of Fredrick Douglas is only a small point of view of what society was really like during this time. Fredrick Douglas life would be describe as cruel, painful, and sorrow. It is almost unimaginable growing up not knowing who you really are, but also growing up seeing the things that you are forced to see. He witness slaves being whip for eating food out of a garden because they was starving. Whips was performed by these thick layer of straps given by the master son’s and step sons. They had no remorse for these slayed, the sons were probably half the age of the slaves they whip. The thought is …show more content…
We should appreciate our education, because slaves were not allowed read and write. The things that we take for granted are the things they would have praised to have. Fredrick Douglas was a strong man he knew that things that went on around him did not defined who he really was or who he could really be no matter what society says. This narrative explain how through everything Fredrick Douglas went through he still made a way out, He later lived in Baltimore which “laid a foundation, and opened the gateway, to all my subsequent prosperity” which let us know he did not let any obstacles come his

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