Slavery Before The Civil War Essay

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In America, before the civil war, slavery was a huge issue because some people believed it should exist and others were totally against it. American political life affected pre civil war slavery the most.
In the American Revolution, Britain and America both tried to get slaves to fight on their side. Lord Dunmore from Britain, told the slaves that if they could get away and join the British army after the war they would be freed in Britain. Therefore the African Americans had to decide where they wanted to go, either in the British Army or stay in America. Some did go to Britain’s side but a lot stayed with America and fought in the war.
The Northwest ordinance established a government for the Northwest Territory. The Ordinance made a process
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The Dred Scott case was fuel to the fire between the North and the South. Dred Scott was an African American slave who tried to sue for his freedom which did not work. He believed he should be free because he lived north of the 36’ 30 line for four years. The courts decided that he or any other African American could claim citizenship in the United States, this enraged abolitionist and raised tensions between the North and South. The court’s northerners argued that he should be free because he was north of the 36’ 30 line because of the Missouri Compromise. The court’s southerners deemed the compromise unconstitutional. This case brought on even more dis agreeance about slavery in between the north and south. Eventually this ended up leading to the Civil war. All of these things had a huge impact on the Civil war and they all were leading factors for the war. These things really affected slavery politically. During the westward Nebraska- Kansas act, Northwest Ordinance, Missouri Compromise, and the Dred Scott case they caused more and more tension to build between the north and the south. American life before the civil war affected slavery the

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