Frederick Douglass Theme Of Education

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In the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, by Frederick Douglass himself, education is a crucial theme. The power of literacy can affect slaves in two different paths: pure torture based on disappointments in truth of slavery, or deemed as a pivotal life tool for self- liberation. Ultimately in the narrative, education is viewed as an important necessity to find true freedom in one’s self by becoming psychologically able to reason, discovering injustice of slavery to its advantage, and by learning valued human rights. In Douglass’s revelation and pursing of education to self freedom, he developed skill to reason and comprehend language more efficiently. With Douglass’s new ability, he is able to liberate himself by refusing to exist …show more content…
Although human rights are documented in the declaration of independence, they are not applicable to Douglass, for he is a slave and not considered an actual human, but simply property. Douglass says to a fellow friend, “You will be free as soon as you are twenty-one, but i am a slave for life!” (Douglass 23). Douglass’s struggle entailed that he believed he would at no time be equal or liberated, even in the “Land of the free”, where are men are supposed to be created in equality. The title of a slave to a person means that they do not have the same freedoms as whites. Douglass learns that freedom is not just for white people, but it is designated for everyone, and this makes him passionately angry with his position. Without his literacy to comprehend this, he would have never been able to realize and had inspiration to vacate himself from the south, as well as have impacting speeches on the subject which also inspired many Americans to abolish slavery. Not only do slaves have to work for their masters, but they have to give up their hard earned money to them; leaving slaves in destitute under their masters. Douglass says, “I was compelled to deliver every cent of that money to Master Hugh, And why? Not because he earned it — not because he had any hand in earning it— not because I owed it to him…but he sole had the power to compel me to give it to him” (Douglass 59). Douglass knows here that he works for his own well earned money, so why should he have to sustain the torture of giving it away? A mere skin complexion which is slightly lighter than his own, doesn 't deem Douglass unequal, and he learns this through his literacy and ability of comprehension. He reasons that white people have jobs, have and an education provided for them, why shouldn’t he obtain the same privileges and be considered unequal? Later as a free

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