Mistreatment Of Women In Tess Of The D Urbervilles

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It is possible to say in both novels, women experience mistreatment because of patriarchal societies that they live in. This is apparent in their treatment and weaker position in marriage and their lack of rights. The use of violence against women shows their powerlessness and inferiority to men.
This can be seen in “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” through Tess’s own experience of marriage with Angel Clare. as women are seen to have a weaker position not only in society but also in marriage, this is evident in Tess’s experience of marriage. After Tess and Angel had married he revealed that when he was in London he had relations with a woman and was not chasted himself, “I would have no more to say to her, and I came home. I have never repeated
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After Nana’s death, Mariam was forced into an arranged child marriage with Rasheed. Even after she had begged and pleaded with Jalil and his wives she wasn’t given any other option than to marry Rasheed. Mariam experiences severe violence during her marriage to Rasheed which was the norm in Afghanistan. Later she was forced into a polygamous marriage which showed that women had no rights whatsoever in their marriages. Muslim women in Afghanistan have been subjected to severe abuse and mistreatment in marriage as women had no say in marriage. Domestic violence is seen throughout the novel. Rasheed only married Mariam so that she could bare him a son and fulfil his sexual desires and after many miscarriages, Rasheed discarded Mariam and saw her as “nothing but a burden.” After Mariam had several miscarriages Rasheed began treating her as though she didn’t even exist, finding fault in everything she did and punishing her severely for little things. When Rasheed didn’t approve of something she did he would “pounce on her” the use of the word “pounce” suggests his predatorial nature and makes her seem as though she’s prey, and he can attack her whenever he wants. When Rasheed didn’t like the rice that she made, he threw the plate on the floor, stormed out and forced her to eat pebbles, saying that that’s what her rice tastes like. Mariam is left spitting out “pebbles, blood and the fragments of two broken teeth.” The description of Mariam’s interaction with Rasheed shows the violence and brutality of his actions, “Through the mouthful of grit and pebbles, Mariam mumbled a plea. Tears were leaking out the corners of her eyes”. He disfigured her and abused his power, but this behaviour was the norm in society as the Quran says its acceptable to “lightly beat your wife”. The extreme Islamic right wing patriarchal

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