Powerless Women In The Handmaid's Tale And The Great Gatsby

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In the society we live in women are powerless and objectified to male domination. This idea has been portrayed in, film, literature and history. This idea is shown in the novel The great gatsby written by F, Scotts Fitzgerald, The Handmaid’s Tale written by Margaret Atwood, Sins of the father written by Fleur Beale and The colour Purple Directed by Steven Spielberg. Through theses texts there is a successfully reflection of powerless women in different settings and the display of the idea that women are inferior to men. Women are either abused sexually or emotionally or physically. In the handmaid 's tale women are defined by their reproductive system. In the great gatsby women have to follow the idea of a social system that is dominated by …show more content…
In the great gastby Daisy has the ability to chose to have a child. Daisy claims that she loves her daughter, but what is love in daisy eyes. she has little contact with her daughter Pammy. "I hope she 'll be a fool...a beautiful little fool," Daisy doesn 't hope for her daughter to become a lovely intelligent woman but a fool for her to survive in her world. Daisy doesn 't stand up for her daughter 's rights but insteads wishes the worst for her, which makes us question her ability or her willingness to be a mother. Instead of being a mother, daisy pushes her daughter away to a nanny who takes full responsibility for her care, which isolates daisy from the mother and daughter bond. Daisy is not a good mother because she simply shows off her daughter instead of loving and caring for her. We become aware that daisy is more interested in her own personal life with Gatsby and Tom rather than being apart of her daughter 's life. She treats her daughter as an outsider but instead focuses her attention to her friends focuses asking her daughter, “how do you like mother’s friends?” We see a true mothership in offred, she has no ability to give up her baby. Offred becomes aware that other Handmaids kill themselves in order to maintain power of themself and the sense that they have power over their bodies and decisions.” Aunt Elizabeth, holding the baby, looks up at us and smiles. We smile too, we are one smile, tears run down our cheeks, we are so happy.Our happiness is part memory. What I remember is Luke, with me in the hospital, standing beside my head, holding my hand, in the green gown and white mask they gave him. Oh, he said, oh Jesus, breath coming out in wonder.”Offered celebrates something she 'll never have again. Even though she and the other handmaids are happy for the newborn, but she realises that this happiness is different from the happiness Luke had when they made a baby together, out

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