Theme Of Sexism In A Jury Of Her Peers

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According to, there was a female bounty hunter who was chasing down a fugitive which none her male colleagues could catch. She had a different approach though, she researched him and found out what he loved which was a movie starring a female celebrity. Using this, she created a bogus story line and invited him to audition, when he arrived for his “audition” she had in handcuffs within minutes. Similar to this situation, Susan Glaspell shows how the men’s sexist attitude blinds them to the clues that the women were able to find and eventually lead to their discovery of the murderer and their motive in "A Jury of Her Peers". Although she doesn't initially seem capable of such an evil sin, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale conclude that …show more content…
Wright’s emotions leading up to her strangling her husband. Upon discovering the quilt, Mrs. Peters states “The sewing,”... “All the rest of them have been so nice and even—but—this one. Why, it looks as if she didn’t know what she was about!” When feeling extreme anger and contemplating a decision to act on that anger, people often do activities more forcibly and thus more sloppily than they usually would. This is what Mrs. Peters is saying she sees in Mrs. Hale’s sewing of the quilt, she can tell that the sewing was forcibly yanked with anger. Later Mrs. Peters also states “We think,”...”that she was going to-knot it.” Knotting is a sewing technique used to attach the layers of a quilt by basically tying knots. The other commonly used technique for this step is quilting which is where you attach them while at the same time making elaborate designs. Knotting is both faster and easier. The women deciding that Mrs. Wright was going to knot the quilt is metaphor for saying that they figured out that Mrs. Wright was going to strangle her husband because they could see the anger in which she sewn the quilt with and connected it with the other clues to conclude that the reason she sewed so messily is both because she was mad at Mr. Wright and was debating killing him which she ended up

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