Theater, Anthropology Of Performance, Social Psychology, And Education

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Theatre, Anthropology of Performance, Social Psychology, and Education

Since I was young I have always aspired to become one thing in life: an actress. Whenever I would admit this to an inquiring adult the question that always followed was: “what kind of actress?” to which I would respond rather confusedly that I just wanted to be any type of actress, really— one that acts on Broadway or in movies. As I have grown older and evolved I have realized that this aspiration of mine has naturally begun to shift. I no longer wanted to act just to act; in fact, I do not believe anyone wants to act only for the sake of acting— at least I hope that is not the case. Personally, I view the arts (both performing and visual) as highly effective in promoting and inevitably evoking social change. Through my own experience, I have found that it is society and culture that most influence art and vice versa. It wasn’t until my junior year in high school, however, that I truly recognized this entanglement of influence. It was upon this revelation that I no longer wanted to be just an actress; I wanted to act and make social change. Thus, my areas of focus are as follows: theatre, anthropology of performance, social psychology and education. These four areas of study have always been of interest to me, but more so in the way that they all interconnect as a catalyst for social change. It is the interconnectivity of these fields that I aim to explore during my time at Bennington College and…

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