The 's View On Earth Essay

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Morine’s view:

She thought he was a fool when he first told her. Why on earth would someone let a blind girl take center stage? Even if Morine didn’t care for her, it was simply dangerous to do so.

“Have her be off to the side and out of the way,” she had argued. A scowled formed to match his furrowed brows in concentration. Still he didn’t look up his notebook as they lay together in her bed with the sheets pooled around their naked waists.

“There will be raised black markings as part of the set design for her to follow yet still part of the scenery for the audience above. The raised markings can be changed about and neutral for future productions. She will be able to feel them with her foot.”

“Wouldn 't that trip the others on stage?”

He shook his head. “No one else will notice with shoes, she 'll have to wear slippers or be barefoot. Maybe neutral will be better, we can 't have her looking at the floor...”

Morine by then turned him out and rolling over in indignation to sleep as he furiously scribbled down notes.

And they had argued vehemently many times since, as did the Director and Giry in his office.

“That is a lot of special attention to give to one person with a staff this large,” the director argued with a pounding headache. Morine nodded in agreement with crossed arms.

Giry looked at him pointedly, “Why go through the efforts when Anna is suitable and able lead?”

“Yes, dear, why is that?” Morine added in, her body shifting fully towards him.


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