The 's Supportive Measures For The Picot Essay example

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Kangaroo Mother Care is a method of holding an infant in a certain position to help improve health. Although there are many articles supporting this statement, a literature review is still necessary to show credibility. This paper will provide an overview on the various research articles by explaining the supportive measures for the PICOT, comparing and contrasting the articles, and analyzing the evidence found regarding the study.
PICOT Support There are eight articles chosen to support the PICOT statement: In premature infants who are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (P), does Kangaroo Mother Care (I), compared to infants who do not receive KMC (C), strengthen the bond between the parents, and improve health (vitals, etc.) (O), in a 6 week span (T). In the first article written by Ajoodaniyan and colleagues, the PICOT is supported by a study performed by 23 NICU Registered Nurses in a University Hospital (Ajoodaniyan, 2012). These nurses have worked in 3 levels of the NICU for more than 6 months, and have performed Kangaroo Care more than 10 times (Ajoodaniyan et al., 2012). The 23 nurses used three scales, and two questionnaires to support that idea that skin-to- skin regulates temperature, improves O2 sats, reduces apnea, and improves breastfeeding (Ajoodaniyan, 2012). The scales used were the affection scale, in which this is where they saw the most improvement, the proximity, and caretaking behavior scale (Ajoodaniyan, 2012). The second article by Bera and…

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