Essay on The Youngest Child Of A Family

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“I’ve never before understood that I too can be needed and wanted. I’ve been the youngest child for so long that I never seen myself any other way.” A quote written by Clare Morall, shows the emotion behind the youngest child of a family. I can relate to this because, in fact I am the youngest child of 3 children in my family. I have always seen myself as the youngest in the family, no matter how much older I got I have always felt younger and less mature compared to sisters. Most of the time I appreciate being the youngest because I got more pampered and taken care of compared to my two sisters. But, there is times where in certain situations I feel like I get treated like a child. As age matures you, you want to be able to have more freedom and be able to make your own decisions instead of what your parents want you to do. The feeling as if your never going to grow up, is a horrible and childish thought. Being the youngest of two sisters comes with advantages and disadvantages. Learning from their mistakes is one of the best and most rewarding advantages. You learn the ropes of how your parents react to certain events you may do. Being born last means that your older siblings pave the road of life for you. They showed me how high school was going to be and how to deal with school work. I can try and do my best, but it’s easy for my parents to compare me to my siblings strengths and achievements, making it somewhat difficult for me to boost my parents…

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