The Young Male Client Had A Velopharyngeal Impairment Essay

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The young male client had a Velopharyngeal Impairment (VPI). Working with him post-surgical repair was to increase intelligibility through practicing different sounds in sentences, blends, and in isolation. To help with his hyper-nasality, they put a straw next to his nose while he spoke to help him and the clinician measure how much air he lets escape through his nose. When the client first arrived, he was allowed to talk for a few minutes about his day. He is clearly very social, outgoing and intelligent, so talking about his day was a highlight for him. Once he’d told all about his day they went straight into a warm up. This was just to get the client ready and warm up his articulators, by saying; ‘ah’, ‘oo’, sticking out his tongue, smiling, etc. Once they’ve warmed up the clinician pulls out a mirror and they practice consonant sounds; ‘w’, ‘p’, ‘b’, ‘m’, ‘d’ in isolation and in words like; water drop, hands, and raspberry. Whenever he says a word hyper-nasally the clinician instructs him to say it again with the straw at his nose. Moving to articulation in sentences, the clinician used pictures and had the client make up a sentence for each picture. The emphasis was on him making all the sounds in every word in the entire sentence, within average nasality ranges. With the pictures her target sounds were ‘l’, ‘h’, ‘s’, and ‘z’. One strategy the clinician used for errors on ‘s’ and ‘z’ was to have him use the straw when saying them, but also doing a set of sounds,…

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