The Year Is Two Thousand Six Essays

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"The year is two-thousand-six"
That one simple sentence brings me back to my first grade class when I was only seven years old, where we said the date aloud every single day. The year 2006 sits as a blemish in my life however, as a memory that will not go away no matter how hard I try to forget it. The year marked many firsts for me, it was the year I board my first airplane, the year I lost my first tooth, and unfortunately, the all-too early loss of my childhood innocence.
For my entire childhood I lived with my mother in a very nice neighborhood that was going through a transitional phrase- people of lower economic measures were gradually moving in, and my mother and I were just a couple of those people. We lived in a very modest house for the neighborhood, but my mom took good care of it. There were a lot of woods surrounding us that I would explore and play in during the day, but at night, as things often seem to do as a kid, they began to take on a more ominous feeling. This, coupled with the fact that I was a very imaginative kid; filled my mind with spooky monsters and inescapable scenarios whenever I was awoken by the thudding sound of footsteps that echoed outside of my bedroom window.
I told my mom about the footsteps one morning and she dismissed me completely, insisting that I was just imagining things; and even at the budding age of seven I knew the battle was lost.
However, despite all the creepiness, the only weird thing that ever happened was that, I…

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