The Writing Of Writing A Paper

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Have you ever had trouble writing a paper? Well I have with every single paper I have written until now. Writing paper was certainly not easy for me but taking reading and composition 092 has benefited me in the best way by stating from the basics of writing a paper. Until I figured out the writing stages and what they can do to help me for the rest of my college career. The writing stages process has six stages which are understanding, brainstorming, outline, rough draft, revising, and editing we will go through stage by stage breaking each of them down to help you become a better writer.
Stage one is the beginning of the whole process understanding the assignment. Knowing exactly what your professor wants you to do for the assignment so you can execute everything they have asked from you. Asking questions will benefit you out a lot knowing when the due date of the paper, the length of the paper knowing the exact number of pages it need to be, the purpose of the paper why are they making you write this, and determining who your audience will be. Figuring out all of this little details will help you become that much closer to getting that A+. I entirely agree with stage one by better understanding the assignment you will know accurately know what your professor is looking for and how they will be grading you.

Stage two is the brainstorming process this is where your get you inspired and start to get creative with the assignments. Discussing with…

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