Persuasive Technique (Ethos, Logos, Pathos Does The Paper Use In The Introduction?

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1. Which persuasive technique (ethos, logos, pathos) does the sample paper use in the introduction? Does it do this effectively?
The introduction paragraph of the sample essay effectively uses the persuasive technique of pathos. The author incorporated pathos by showing what a baby is thinking when their parent uses the Ferber Method. The author played on the emotions of the reader by mentioning pain felt by the baby from crying, being hungry and no one paying attention. The author also shows their credibility as a parent by stating, “As parents, we do not ask our children to learn how to eat, crawl, walk, or talk alone but yet many expect their infants to sleep without help”(Ferber Method). This shows that the author used ethos as another
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Parents are supposed to provide these things for their children, yet the Ferber method asks parents to ignore the pleas for help from their infant. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel for an infant to be left in a dark room, alone without anyone there to make them feel safe and secure”(Ferber Method).
This quote uses pathos to persuade the reader. By saying that the baby is helpless, the author causes the reader to feel bad for the baby and possibly want to help the baby get out of their helpless situation. The author also uses pathos by writing, “ignore the pleas for help from their infant”(Ferber Method), causing the audience to feel either guilty for using the Ferber Method or cause the readers to want to punish the parents that have used the Ferber Method. The last sentence in this quote puts the audience in the position of the baby, feeling lonely in a dark place.
3. Describe how the sample paper employs the writing strategies we have learned about this semester. Think about organization, structure, MEAL plan, using sources,
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Pick a publication to which you would hypothetically submit your argumentative essay. What publication have you chosen?
The Los Angeles Times
5. What kinds of people do you think read that publication? How might you utilize the persuasive techniques you learned about this week to persuade that specific group of people? For instance, will they be more inclined to be persuaded by facts? Or might they be more emotional about the topic?
I think the people that read the LA times are those that like to learn about world, local, and political news. I think this because the most popular articles on the LA Times website were about these topics. I will use pathos to persuade the readers that like learning about local news that their food comes from farmers using what they consider excessive amounts of water. I will make them realize that if the farmers do not have water, they will not have food. I will also use ethos by showing the readers that I know about farming and that my sources are experienced. Lastly, I will use logos by giving facts found in my

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