The Worst Thing I Would Never Forget Essay

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The Worst Thing I Would Never Forget Two years ago, there was something that happened to my family. And I will never forget it. I thought that it would never happen again, I couldn’t believe it I wish this was a dream that I could wake up from. I wish we could all take it back. It’s something that will never be forgotten. My junior year in high school; everything was going good until I found out that my mom was sick and needed surgery. In my head, I was scared because I never would have thought my mom needed surgery, and this was her first time. I asked my mom, “Is it something really bad?” My mom’s response was, “They found a cyst in me, and they told me I have to get surgery ASAP”. That made me upset and scared. My mom had to do some check-ups before the surgery, I always went with her. There was this time when we had to go to the Salem Hospital because they needed to take her blood. After the blood drawing, my mom told the nurse she might be pregnant. When I heard that I got upset because I already have a little brother and sister, and they are a lot of work. Before them my mom had several miscarriages and I was scared, and I didn’t want her go through that again. When we left the hospital, she knew I wasn’t happy, but there was nothing she could do about it. The next day was the day my mom was scheduled to get surgery. I couldn’t go because I had to take care of my little brother and sister, but my mom’s boyfriend went with her. She told the doctor before the…

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