The Worldwide Obesity Epidemic : Obesity Essay example

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The worldwide obesity epidemic reflects the substantial changes in behavioral patterns as more people adopt Western lifestyles (Haidar & Cosman, 2011). The prevalence of obesity as early as 1960s has since doubled. There are several factors to the continuous rise in numbers. Though, it was reflected in the study that certain genetics determines an individual’s susceptibility to weight gain, the primary mechanism of obesity is simply a chronic caloric imbalance: high caloric intake combined with a sedentary lifestyle (Haidar & Cosman, 2011). Another literature has highlighted that in areas other than US, the highest rates of obesity are focused on several of the Pacific islands with record rates in Nauru where 79% of adults were recorded as obese in 1994 (Prentice, 2005). Moreover, lower rates in less developed countries of Asia where India records just 0.5% obesity, China, Japan, and the Philippines record 3%, and lastly Singapore records 6% (Prentice, 2005).
Furthermore, environmental factors have been recognized as the cause of this dilemma across the nation. Because of the incidence of additional income coupled with the increased urban population, diets that have been demanded in these areas of usually of high in fats and simple sugars especially with the convenience of fast foods. Also, the transportation method has also made a significant contribution to the increase. We have less time to walk because our workplace and schools are situated far, hence the need for…

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