The World 's Long Standing Reliance On Fossil Fuels Essay

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The world’s long-standing reliance on fossil fuels has recently prompted the need for an exchange of fossil fuels for renewable energy. Problems including the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere and the inevitable depletion of these nonrenewable energy sources have motivated a handful of countries to start the transition. Notably, Sweden has goals to “increase renewable energy to 50 percent of national supply by 2020,” reducing its need for environmentally harmful, nonrenewable sources, like oil ("Energy Use in Sweden"). While Sweden has made great strides in switching to renewable energy resources, the US’ nature make it unfeasible for the country to switch to renewable resources in the near future. Starting at the beginning of Sweden’s journey, the oil crisis of the early 1970s sparked the search for alternative energy sources with little to no carbon emission. Twenty years, later in 1997, the Swedish government outlined a few of its main goals in terms of energy use in the future, to be monitored by the newly created Swedish Energy Agency: advocate for “efficient and sustainable energy use and a cost-effective energy supply”("Energy Use in Sweden"). Increasing the use of nuclear and hydroelectric power created a positive outcome, resulting in carbon emission 14 tonnes lower than the US’. Sweden also implemented a five year program to diminish certain industries’ energy consumption in exchange for tax relief, which contributes to Sweden’s energy switch. This…

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