Essay on The World 's First Video Game

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On October 1958, physicist William Higinbotham, while working at Brookhaven National Laboratory created an interactive module with hopes of making lab tours less dull. The module was a game that allowed players to choose the balls angle with the twist of a knob and launch it towards the opponent with a push of a button. His creation was called Tennis for Two and it was the birthing world’s first video game. Fast forward nearly 60 years of technological advances and video games have imploded into a global entertainment market that “saw revenues of $67 billion dollars, surpassing traditional forms of entertainment like music and literature revenues, to rivaling revenues generated by movies” (Marchand & Hennig-Thurau, 2013). A significant amount of the revenues stem from the fusion of sports and video games known as eSports, which provides the opportunity for athletes to compete against others worldwide in tournaments and competitions for glory and cash. However; not all athletes are treated equally nor is the distribution of opportunities. Professional eSports female athletes in particular are fewer in number, allowed entry into less competitions, see substantially lower prize purses, and are sexually harassed more frequently than their male counterparts. In order for eSports to continue to grow it must make changes to be more inclusive. Providing female eSports athletes equal treatment and opportunities for competition, improving gender norms, and working to rid all forms…

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