The World War II After The United States And Ussr Essay

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with Russia and the countries of the world. Ultimately, the SDI never cumulated to a full-on arms race to space, but it was yet another sign showing how viable this all was becoming. As is evident above, the idea of global reach and power, goes hand in hand with the theory of deterrence. Many advocate space weaponry as a mitigation of war, a sort of deterrence theory within itself, similar to that idea which was the cornerstone of President Reagan’s advocacy for the SDI. As was the case in World War II after the United States showed the world the devastating power of the atomic bomb, often times the threat of retaliation is enough of a deterrent. However, similar to the MAD doctrine for deterrence, the race for the armament of space often collapses into a form of Nash Equilibrium. Nash equilibrium, a part of the broader study of Game Theory, deals in part with the idea of a non-cooperative game. In the Cold War, the United States and USSR had one of two choices: either continue to make nuclear weapons or not. If either were to stop, however, they faced the very real threat of being blackmailed by the other country and the threat of eminent disaster could become a reality . “The persistence of this behavior comes from the fact that neither player can benefit by changing strategy unilaterally” , it was either develop weapons or risk the lives of millions of innocent citizens of your State.
Surpassing this idea serves as one of the foundations for the arguments for the…

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