The World War I And The Nazi War Essay

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Crimes against humanity are acts towards a population that damages to hurt the population in a whole. A tremendous act against humanity was the extermination that the Nazis planned against the Jewish population in Europe. These actd started with the rise of one man, Adolf Hitler. World War one ended with the Treaty of Versailles which set the environment up for Hitler in the Nazis to rise. The Third Reich guided the social crime against the Jewish people and use excuses such as racial laws for the violent acts that led to the tragic loss of World War two.
A person cannot be born evil or good. The thought of a child develops when they grow. Good and evil are shaped by environment or by nature a persons in.Hitler 's psych evaluation was done by Eric Fromm, a researcher will study what biological predispositions Hitler had. What was believed was that Hitler 's action was formed biologically or environmentally truthfully it was both.
The biological part that shaped Hitler 's actions wAS the lack of conscience Hitler showed. Hitler was someone who had no conscious awareness of his personality which caused him to blame other people for his failures. Hitler 's “evil” was biologically formed because his personality traits such as: “impulsive, egocentric, cold, aggressive, unempathic, and tough-minded”, which all correspond to the antisocial personality disorder profile (). Hitler was the victim of psychopathology. What brought out the biological functions that Hitler showed was the…

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