Adolf Hitler's Use Of Fear Essay

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Fear is one of the strongest emotions a person can feel. It has the power to create something or destroy it. It can also be manipulated in order to achieve a desired affect. As well as be used as a weapon to control people just as it has been used throughout decades.
In 1933 Adolf Hitler began to implement his ideas of racial superiority and spacial expansion which brought a great amount of fear to many people in Germany. His ideas lasted about 12 years and ended an estimated of 6 million Jewish lives. He believed that Jews should be eliminated because they were the ones to blame for the problems Germany was facing, and it was his duty as part of the Aryan Race to do so. Hitler wanted to achieve a state of purity and believed the only way for
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However, this soon escalated and in the Night of broken Glass in November 1938 many Jewish shops and Synagogues were destroyed along with many Jewish lives lost. As time progressed things got worse for the Jews and Hitler showed no mercy. He demanded that all Jews be distinguished from the rest of the people and made them wear a yellow star of David. This not only made it easy to spot Jews but also, “[was] one of many psychological tactics aimed at isolating and dehumanizing the Jews” (Holocaust Center). Those who did not obey were severally punished or even killed. And three years after the Night of Broken Glass he commanded that all Jews and European Gypsies be placed in Polish Ghettos. These ghettos consisted of large walls and barbed wires that enclosed poverty, starvation and death. Conditions in these Ghettos were so bad that just in two years approximately 100,000 Jews died of starvation and disease. In 1941 he had the first people relocated form the ghettos to death camps which where the people he viewed as useless such as the sick, elderly and very young. As time progressed, “Jews were deported to the camps from all over Europe…” (History). One of there most notorious camps was Aucshwitz, that killed as many as 12,000 Jews

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