The World Trade Center Of New York City Essay

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The World Trade Center also created more problems other than, lives were lost and a lot of money spent. A major problem that was created due to the World Trade Center attack, jobs issues and made many people lose their jobs around New York City. According to Eaton Leslie “The national recession and the attack on the World Trade Center cost New York City…bringing the city 's total job losses to about 223,000 in the last two years.” It’s a huge number of jobs that was lost just in New York City. The World Trade Center attack effected New York City community in job loss and that created more unemployment. However, which caused the unemployment rate to rise up higher. Therefore, it caused more homes to face money problems. A lot of families went through difficult times because some members of the houses lost their job. The community of New York City is required to pay rent, bills such as, phone, electric and Internet. When a lot of people lost their jobs, it became harder for people who lost their work to pay their rent or bills that they were required to pay. However, the World Trade Center, created more issues to house members leaving them unable to pay their rents and bills due to the fact that they lost their jobs. Easton and Leslie stated the amount of job loss in 2003, were 223,00 jobs lost only in two years which, it’s a huge number for just only two years. However, jobs were lost in the many places in New York City as well, not only around the World Trade Center area.…

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