The World Of Toilet Paper

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Before toilet paper existed people would clean up their bathroom act with moss, leaves, grass, and sheep’s wool. “The ancient Greeks used clay and stone. The Romans, sponges and salt water” (McRobbie, n.d.). After paper was invented people used items such as newspapers, magazines, and ripped pages from their reading books to clean themselves. Fast forward one-hundfred and fifty years later where toilet paper is now a common household item with over fifty competative brands in the market. Today, Charmin is listed as the leading toilet paper brand that is used in households throughout America. It is valued for its strength, comfort, and innovative ideas. Although a leading brand amongst competitors, Charmin has areas of improvement within their organization that can be corrected through an enhanced strategic plan. In 1928, the Hobert Paper Company begin developing bath tissue (known today as toilet paper). The design behind the toilet paper reflected feminine fashion , which was described as attractive and appealing. “The toilet paper was described as "charming" by an employee and from there the name “Charmin” was born” (, n.d.). In 1932, the company introduced the infamous four-roll package to provide customers with the touch of softness at home. Almost twenty years later Hobert Paper Company changed the company name to Charmin Paper Company. In 1953, Charmin added an infant graphic to its packaging design to represent the softness of the…

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