The World Of The Space Essay

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Suddenly, the space tourists burst in, wearing mortified expressions. When the attendant instructed them to wait their turn, Philip and Anne Jones-May retreated into the corner in exasperation, but not before casting contemptuous looks all around the room to register their displeasure. Eventually nearly two hours later, Surina and Stefan heard their names. Although the Lilliputian attendant barely reached the height of the door handle, he managed to open the creaking door briskly leading them into a mammoth hall with skylights shining the spotlight on the five council members. They huddled together around a gigantic circular graphene table that occupied most of the room, with Somerled Knightly presiding in the middle of the group. Flanking him on the left were the council members of the Ignis and Terra borough, whereas on the right sat the council members of the Acqua and Aerus borough. Eoin Dunbar of the Aerus borough asked Surina and Stefan to sit next to her, leaving nearly twenty seats around the table empty. Surina tried to focus on the five council members faces, but only saw their iridescent eyes. However, the painting of a beach on Gnaritus at the farthest end of the room remained in sharp focus, as did Stefan sitting next to her. She could still scarcely believe when she thought about the council members ages of a hundred and forty something years old! Indeed, Gnaritus put a premium on the nuance and subtlety of insights gained by experience that only comes…

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