The World Of Fiction, And The Cold War Ended Essays

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Imagine, if you were not yourself, yet at the same time you were. Imagine that you had led a completely different life. Maybe you were a soldier, an engineer, a banker, or maybe you did nothing with your life. What if you were born a with a different name, different gender, a different race; what if you were not born at all. Imagine a world where the American Revolution never happened, The Allies fell to the Axis, or the Cold War ended in nuclear annihilation. However, none of these scenarios are the facts of the world. You are you, you have not become something that you are not, and the world is as it is. The only place that these fantastical ideas can exist are in the world of fiction, because we live in one universe with one past and an unknowable future. But, what if that was not necessarily true? What if there were multiple versions of our universe, each with their own version of you. That may be closer to the truth than we realize. Through quantum mechanics and cosmology, the concept of multiple universes may not just be a work of science fiction, but a science fact. Not all scientists believe that trying to determine if we live in a multiverse is a valid scientific inquiry. However, there are those that do believe that we live in a multiverse, and work to prove it. The idea of the multiverse, or meta-universe, is the idea that we are just one of an infinite number of universes; universes that can be as different as the outcome of a coin toss, or the physical…

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