Analysis Of Magical Realism In Bless Me, Ultima

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Often, people live in uncertainty, keeping themselves from discovering outside-the-box ideas and never straying from the well-exercised path. Perhaps they make decisions based upon a direct idea of fate they may feel forced to follow or they simply fear the consequences, crippling any deep success in personal enlightenment. To be able to act free mindedly without confining to one specific outcome allows an expansion of opportunity and adventure to arise. The literary genre, magical realism, focuses on ideas such as these, to lay down harsh realities within humanity in an artistic way. Magical realism authors may approach their work in similar methods using a few common elements found in most pieces of this genre to highlight specific thought-provoking concepts they want the reader to take away. …show more content…
Tim Burton, on the other hand, utilized his main character, Edward Bloom, in the movie Big Fish during the 1950s to show how getting passed the one-way thinking and making decisions without fear and rules can open new doors leading to fresh adventures, trials, and relationships, delving into a more significant understanding of oneself and the world around them. These two pieces emphasize different stages of the same theme specifically using the common elements border crossing and hybridity amongst other less prominent

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