Essay on The World Of Fast Food

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Chew On This, by Eric Schlosser, endeavors into the world of fast food, specifically describing McDonald 's throughout the book. Schlosser not only focuses on the harmful effects of the food, but the actual business itself, and the marketing strategies that caused it to become so successful. He forges further into all of the unintended negative impacts of the industry socially, environmentally, economically, and physically. Schlosser really is trying to inform his readers of fast food and the atrocious side effects associated to it.

Audience Eric Schlosser’s book appeals to one who is interested in learning the dangers of fast food and the world it has created. He spends a significant amount of time explaining the physical consequences of consuming the food, making sure to include some disturbing pictures of people who have consumed too much. He clearly shows who his intended audience is by stating, “Chew On This will tell you where fast food comes from, who makes it, what’s in it, and what happens when you eat it...this is a book about fast food and the world it has made” (9). Schlosser also is writing for a younger population, approximately middle school and up. He uses basic vocabulary for less mature readers. He wants a younger audience because he believes there are problems that he wants to be fixed, and the only way to do so is by targeting it at a younger age.

Structure Schlosser structures his book by eight numbered and titled chapters. His…

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