The World Is So Unequal Because Of Geography Essay example

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Seven point three billion people in the world suffers from chronic undernourishment in 2015 and 2016. THe world is so unequal because of geography. Geography influences the world’s inequality because latitude affects climate in geographic locations. Climate determines inequality because it it dictates what locations have resources such as the ability to farm, qualification to domesticate animals, the capability to resist disease, and the intelligence to produce steel.
The geographic locations influences agriculture because plants can only grow in the climate they are adapted to. Climate is determined by the latitude a geographic location is at. If a civilization has a crop that has a limited amount of labor to harvest less people would have to be farmers and more people could be specialist. Specialists are people that spend their whole lives on improving and inventing material for the civilization. For example Papua New Guinea has a tropical climate, that means it is very humid and wet. The New Guineans main source of food is a crop called the Sago Tree. The Sago Tree is labor intensive to harvest, is not high in nutritional value, and does not store for long periods of time. When harvesting the Sago Tree people burn more calories than they gain consuming it. Sago Trees cannot be farmed and take years to grow therefore New Guineans are hunters and gathers always following the food instead of staying in one place and expanding a civilization.In consideration of how they…

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