Essay about The World Is Flat By Thomas L. Friedman

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Book Review: “The World is Flat” Thomas L. Friedman Thomas Friedman uses this platform to express his opinions and thoughts on how the world has become flat. However, this is not what it sounds like when you hear him use the expression that the world is flat in a literal sense. What Friedman is trying to do is use an analogy that paints the picture of opportunities being equal for globalization. Friedman lists ten countries that are primarily responsible for the flattening of the world and its access for knowledge. A few that he mentions are India, China, Japan, Iraq, and the United States. A few specific events that he mentions as furthering globalization are the destruction of the Berlin wall, as well as the date Netscape went public. Closing out part 1 of the book Friedman offers what I believe to be his most crucial idea for the growth of globalization, and that is his idea of the triple convergence. What the triple convergence is in Friedman’s mind is the way the ten flatteners of the world came together to create an even flatter global field. The first convergence Friedman talks about is the way that the ten flatteners came together as one to use technology as a major form of communication and way to stay in contact between one another. This was a huge step as it wasn’t just the west anymore that had the clear cut advantage. By turning to web based communication it made it so much simpler for countries to communicate on a global lever, thus creating an…

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