Essay on The Women 's Summer Dresses By Irwin Shaw

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Conflict is something ordinary, you could see it anytime between anyone. Conflict not only happen between people, it also happens to one person with itself. In The Girls in Their Summer Dresses by Irwin Shaw, the author used Man vs Man by showing that Michael and Frances got into an argument because Michael can 't help himself from stop looking at every single woman that passes him. The author also used Man vs Self on both Michael and Frances by showing that Michael loves Frances, he doesn 't want to divorce her, but he also wants other women. And Frances knows what her husband think, but as long as he doesn 't talk about it, she pretends nothing happened. It revealed the state of their marriage is not as happy as they said. The conflict show that this is neither a happy nor loveless marriage, it 's not happy because, “sometimes I feel I would like to be free” (The Girls in Their Summer Dresses: Michael) if it 's really like what he said he is happy about it, why would he want to be free. For Frances, obviously, it 's not a happy marriage because her husband looked at every single woman passed them and told her he loves her but he also wants other women. It 's not loveless because they both love each other and don 't want to be divorce.

First example the author used for the conflict is Man vs Man. Michael and Frances got into an argument about Michael looking at every single woman passes them. “I want to go out with my husband all day long. I want him to talk only to me and…

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