The Witch Trials And Religious Wars Essay

1525 Words Jun 2nd, 2016 7 Pages
I began the school year with fairly simplistic views. Humans were neither good nor evil, they simply wanted happiness. I thought that religion was useless and altogether more boring than the apparent enthusiasm some people seem to have. Nationalism was ridiculous. However throughout the school year, I found those beliefs to change and gain refinement.
I was fairly neutral over human nature’s inherent goodness or evil before this school year. This course has made me lose much of my faith within humanity. I have found that we lack the ability to empathize with other people, and demonize whole groups we label as an “other”. The witch trials and religious wars make it clear that people eliminate what they do not like, or even understand. An old woman would curse to herself after being cheated at the market, and find herself dead within months because of superstition. For being a protestant, or for being a catholic, someone would die. Nazi Germany would be an obvious example. They were relatively close to our time-some survivors are alive today-yet 11 million died for fear. Today, people are dying because of their religion, gender, or sexual orientation. We, as humans, are fallible-and thus, we war among ourselves despite the understanding that the opponent’s points are just as valid as our own.
Despite human nature being inherently terrible, I believe in a more comfortable future. Advancements in agriculture and genetically modified foods can sustain our population. Gay…

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